Pre-school Closes

at 5.00pm (*unless indicated otherwise)

Pre-school opens

at 8.00am on

Autumn Term 2016  

Tuesday 5th September

Autumn Half Term   Thursday 19thOctober Monday 30th October
Christmas 2016 Wednesday 20th December 12 noon Monday 8th January
Spring Half Term  Thursday 16th February Monday 26thFebruary
Easter 2017 Thursday 29th March Monday 16th April
May Day B/hol  Friday 4th May Tuesday 9th May
Summer Half Term Friday 25thMay Monday 4th June
Summer 2017 Wednesday 25th July Tuesday 4th  September
 Inset Days   Mon 4th Sept / Fri 20th Oct / Fri 16th Feb / Mon 8th May / Thur 26th July /

Please be aware that funding is for 38 weeks of the year and there will be 5  days a year that are non funded (dates of these Inset days will be set by BPS at the beginning of the term). These days cannot be swapped or changed and hours booked in addition will be charged at the hourly rate.