IMG_20180425_103919[1]Bollington Preschool are proud to have received the highest rating  for hygiene following our recent inspection in  February 2018


Snack time is a very sociable occasion  at Preschool and also a fantastic learning opportunity. Children are encouraged to choose their own snack and drink from a range of fruit and also a protein /carbohydrate option such as cheese and biscuits, carrots and houmous or ham wraps.

When you register your child at Preschool you will be asked about any special dietary requirements that your child may have and these will be accommodated into your child’s snack session.

  • Please note for children aged 3+ snack is an additional charge of 50p per morning or afterschool session or you may supply your child’s own snack if preferred.


Children are asked to bring a packed lunch if they attend Preschool for a full day session or if their session starts at 12noon.

We do have children with nut allergies at Preschool and therefore have a no nuts policy and ask that nuts or nut based products such as Nutella are not put in children’s lunches.

We are happy to help with any warm food provided and ask that this  is supplied in a suitable Thermo flask to ensure it is kept at a suitable temperature until lunch. Preschool do not have facilities to warm food at the setting.

Staff sit with children at lunch times and assist them with their lunch and always enjoy listening to the children’s stories and jokes!

Further details of ideas of healthy lunches can be accessed through the link page of this website.